I crushed my pelvis and crushed 2 vertebrae in 1994. I have had increasing pain over the years and finally in 2015 it was clear I would have to get used to the idea of being drug dependent. Since going to a2healingarts I have gotten much better and Dr. Esseichick has helped me more thanContinue reading “Rick Coscia”

Rick Coscia

Cynthia is exceptional! Each session with her addresses my body and mind holistically–we discuss recent stresses or injuries and she works to restore me. I have a few ongoing issues–my Crohn’s disease affects and is affected by general and localized inflammation. When flaring I can get painful, blistery eczema on the palms of my hands.Continue reading “Amy Sacksteder”

Amy Sacksteder

I first came to Cynthia shortly after an ectopic pregnancy that required the surgical removal of my Fallopian tube. I felt bloated and hormonal; after just one visit I experienced a remarkable difference both physically and emotionally. Cynthia helped to not only balance my hormones and heal my wounds, she also nurtured my spirit throughContinue reading “Anna S.”

Anna S.

Some background: I’m not naturally inclined toward integrative medicine, but went to Cynthia for help with headaches on the recommendation of my wife. I’m really glad I did. My ~15 acupuncture sessions were definitely helpful in reducing my headache burden — and very relaxing. I always looked forward to the weekly sessions with Cynthia; IContinue reading “Jason Buxbaum”

Jason Buxbaum

Cynthia has been treating me and my family for over 20 years. She is an outstanding doctor. Cynthia has excellent academic credentials in addition to her proven healing skills and therapeutic touch. She genuinely cares for the welfare and health of her patients. When evaluating her patient’s condition she takes the time to listen carefullyContinue reading “Margaret C.”

Margaret C.

Cynthia is an amazing practitioner and full of wisdom and knowledge! I have seen her many times for acupuncture and she has helped me through some pretty intense healing on my journey. She also incorporates a little massage into her session sometimes which is such a great combination! I would recommend her services to anyone!Continue reading “Brian Truskowski”

Brian Truskowski

Not only is Cynthia one of the sweetest, most caring and open minded people I’ve met she is so great at what she does! I always left feeling positive and uplifted through our difficult secondary infertility journey. She helped get my body in a healthy spot to conceive our sweet baby that I am nowContinue reading “Katy Karolak”

Katy Karolak

Cynthia is a true healer. It was, by far the best acupuncture experience I’ve ever had. It’s more than acupuncture. She helped me navigate to find a greater ease. She is so wonderfully caring, and insightful. Her presence is healing. I know, that sounds hard to believe, but it is true. She looked at myContinue reading “Eric Cooper”

Eric Cooper

She is a very skilled doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as a caring and compassionate person.

Christina Burch

Dr Cynthia is AMAZING! She is very kind and takes her time with each session. The benefits of acupuncture are very real and she will ensure you “feel” it. I have been sleeping better and have a heart condition that prevented me from receiving general anesthesia because of the rhythm however after about 2 monthsContinue reading “Ashley D.”

Ashley D.
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