Margaret C.

Cynthia has been treating me and my family for over 20 years. She is an outstanding doctor. Cynthia has excellent academic credentials in addition to her proven healing skills and therapeutic touch. She genuinely cares for the welfare and health of her patients. When evaluating her patient’s condition she takes the time to listen carefully to their symptoms, asking questions that lead her to a diagnosis. She then formulates a treatment plan which she implements in a professional manner.

Cynthia is exceptionally knowledgeable about the human body, Chinese herbal medicine and the art of acupuncture. She is perceptive, intuitive, and compassionate, and radiates a shining spirit which encompasses her patients. When you leave her office you feel uplifted, serene and on the path to better health. Cynthia was able to resolve my headaches that had endured for over four months prior to her treatment. Another time she was able to dissipate a stiff neck from which I had suffered for two months. I also received a general “well being” acupuncture treatment which acted like a spring tonic. My daughter, after a difficult first pregnancy and delivery, went to Cynthia during the last month of her second pregnancy. She received weekly acupuncture treatments and at the last session she actually left the office in labor. The delivery was quick and smooth.

I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia’s practice for healing your medical issues.
Margaret C
Ann Arbor